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Lensed fibre is one of the core components in direct coupling structured opto-electrical fibre pigtail devices. With over 10 years' experience of direct coupling structured module development and manufacturing, Coset is capable of designing optimum lensed fibers for tailored customer needs. Its fine micro polishing technology enables accurate lens radius formation with good eccentricity, and precision 3D interferometer radius measurement assures target designs for optimum coupling.

Lensed fibres from singlemode fibre to multimode fiber with different fibre core diameters are available and specialty fibres such as PM fibres can also be precisely lensed to the optimum to beam characteristics to be coupled. Au metalization and Anti-reflection coating (AR) and different connector terminations are optional.

Cylindrical type
Cylindrical shape of lensed fibres provide optimum coupling efficiency for the diode with elliptical emitting beam pattern.
  Datasheet_CLF (PDF)
Spherical type
Spherical (conical) shape of lensed fibres provide optimum coupling efficiency for the diode with circular emitting beam pattern.
  Datasheet_SLF (PDF)
Customized assembly
Coset supports design to realize optimum solution for complete lensed fibre assembly ready for customers' dynamic packaging
  - Kovar ferrule soldered assembly for complete pigtail solution
  - Lensed fibre polished on FBG pigtail
  - Angle or flat polished fibre tip
  Datasheet_custom (PDF)
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