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Pump Lasers
Pump laser is the core component of optical amplifiers. Coset started with 980nm pump laser packaging capability with the most rigorous telecom device reliability requirements of Telcordia 468-CORE complied structure. A direct coupling structured 980nm pump lasers in industry standard cooled 14pin butterfly and uncooled 8pin mini DIL package types are in pipe lines for volume production scale for laser diode chip customers around the world.
A successful launching of direct coupling structured pump laser enabled Coset to extend packaging items to SLED (Super Luminescent Light Emitting Diode). Various wavelengths SLED chip on submount is packaged into cooled 14pin butterfly and 14pin DIL package type. A high efficiency and reliable structure maximizes SLED performance and is used in various applications in the industry. Packaged SLED modules are used in telecom, medical, sensing, defense and security applications.
Industrial Lasers
As remarkable development achievement of high power multimode laser diode encouraged Coset to enter packaging opportunities of pigtailed pump lasers used for various industrial applications. Industry compatible 2-pin TO220 package with 105um core multimode fibre pigtails provides delivery of sufficient high power output in solid state laser pumping.
Special Custom Packaging
Coset also provides specialized packaging services for various customers with creative, unique design ideas. From electro-optical designing to hybrid structures, Coset design team is working with customers in order to realize industry products. Integrated optic design of various prototype ideas has successfully resulted in many functional products, such as modulators, multi-channel laser diodes, DFB¯s, tunable lasers as well as dynamic design transceiver modules.
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