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14pin butterfly package - cooled (TEC)
This Industry standard 14pin butterfly package is structured with optimized lensed fibre pigtail. Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is used for essential heat dissipation to ensure performance and life time of diode and internal monitor photodiode enables monitoring. Hermetically sealed package guarantees long field life time and stable performance. The cooled 14pin butterfly package has been fulfilled all the test requirements of Telcordia GR-468CORE reliability test.
  Datasheet_14BTF _ext.dwg (PDF)
14pin butterfly package SOA type- cooled (TEC)
Two output port design takes the advantage of field proven reliable cooled 14pin butterfly package structure. It is generally used for the platform of SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifier). Advanced low noise high gain performance is available by high precision lensed fibre coupling structure with hermetically sealed package with high capacity TEC.
  Datasheet_14BTF SOA_ext.dwg (PDF)
14pin DIL package - cooled (TEC)
Industry standard 14pin DIL (Dual In Line) package with TEC is alternative platform for high performance Laser diode or Supper Luminescent LED (SLED). Internal functional structure is the same as in cooled 14pin butterfly packages. Hermetically sealed package is ideal platform for the user applications.
  Datasheet_14DIL_ext.dwg (PDF)
8pin mini DIL package - uncooled
8pin mini DIL package structure was developed in order to comply with industry expectation of small form factor pump laser designed for micro amplifier used in metro access network. A high quality ceramic package with heat sink allows good heat dissipation. It is equipped with internal monitor photodiode in hermetically sealed package. Telecordia GR-468 CORE qualified structure is generally used for 980nm pump laser with wavelength locker (FBG) to guarantee optical performance in wide range of operating temperature.
  Datasheet_8mini DIL_ext.dwg (PDF)
2pin TO-220 package - uncooled
A high power multimode single emitter laser diode is widely used for pump source in industrial application such as material processing. 2pin TO-220 type package is optimum design platform for such laser diode with sufficient stability to carry out excessive output power through fibre pigtail. Each package pin is designed for high current. Heat sink is also designed to dissipate large amount of heat generated from high power laser diode. 105um core multimode fibre pigtail is available with 0.22 or 0.15N.A.
  Datasheet_TO220_ ext.dwg (PDF)
Customized design
A long and various packaging service experiences realized several key industry product models. In order to start initial design configuration work, customers may be asked to present necessary idea, drawings and information, which are taken seriously by Coset. Please contact us to have initial discussion on your idea.
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