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Why Coset?

Coset differentiates ourselves from harsh competition to deliver the best quality products in the market place and here are the reasons why we generate life long customers and exceed their expectations.

400G Solutions Ready

Coset has been in the solution business since 1999 and we have always been ahead of the curve and continue to be for any 400GBE products our customers need.


Extensive Experience

Coset has over 20 years of experience and every aspect of our operation puts that to use from the first time we might a client to the timely delivery of any of our high quality products.

Cost Effective Solution

Thanks to the efficiency and automation of our facilities, Coset has been able to pass the savings on to our clients to provide competitive products in the marketplace.

Customer Service

We realize our partnership with our customers is paramount to our continued success and our sales and customer service teams are always client-first driven.



Our investment into our R&D department gives us the edge needed to stay ahead of our competition as we stay on the cutting edge of new products.

Design Flexibility

The Coset team works in partnership with our clients from the second they tell us what they need through the whole design process. Nothing is set in stone until the final production begins.

Mass Productions

Our manufacturing solutions and experience lead to mass productions that ensure the highest quality products with on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Can Do Attitude

We will always find a way to say, “Yes!” beginning with our design team through production until the desired products are delivered to another satisfied customer.

Lower Defects

Thanks to our intensive quality control protocol, Coset maintains its target goal of 0% defect-rate on a consistent basis to differentiate from the harsh competition.

Core Competency

Total Packaging Solutions

  • Design capabilities – Optical/Electro/Mechanical

  • Prototyping Design verification

  • Volume production Cost effective solution

  • Quality systems Quality mgmt., Reliability


Optimized Manufacturing Process

  • Die-bonding

  • Optical alignment & fixing

  • Hermetic sealing

  • Screening and testing

In-house Lensed Fibers

  • Key component for direct coupling structure

  • High coupling efficiency

  • Various shape of lens on different fibers

  • Flexibility / Agility on various design needs

Multiple Productions

  • Optimized for variable product range

  • Consolidated resources

  • Low initial development cost

  • Customized solutions


Rigorous Quality Standards

  • Space/telecom grade qualified

Stable Operations

  • Public company Financial stability